Do Startups Need PR?

Do Startups Need PR?

Remember 2013, when UBER launched its services in India? Or when OYO started its operations? People across the country were ecstatic over the services of these startups as these ideas transformed the way we travel now or book our stay at a hotel. Do you think it would have been possible without getting to know or reading about their services? No, right?


Today when the lines between PR and marketing are blurring and content is king; startups need a good strategy to showcase their ideas to a larger audience present across platforms. Modern PR techniques are inevitable to pump information on platforms that is relevant to the target audience.


With COVID-19 changing consumer behavior across the globe, selling online has become competitive. Moreover, investors are now looking at investing in businesses that have adapted well in these trying times. 


So, let’s discuss in depth some of the areas that PR can help startups:


  1. PR can help in garnering positive press: Image is everything. Jo dikhta hai woh bikta hai. Therefore, to showcase your idea in a positive light, all that is needed is some validation from the published space. Remember, even investors will Google you before meeting you!
  2. Reaching out to a larger audience: Are you a blockchain startup that is looking for people to trade on your platform? Or a rent-a-bike service that wants people to reduce carbon emissions? Or a construction firm launching a revolutionary building material? PR is your way to explain your complex idea or product in an effective way to the aam aadmi who is your potential customer.
  3. Cheaper than paid ads: PR is earned media, which means media coverage is organically generated without paying for it. This is an effective form of communication that people believe is more than billboard ads or banners or half a page of newspaper ads. If you are a bootstrapped startup, you can explore the potential of PR while saving almost three times the money. So PR > paid Ads.
  4. Engage directly with your audience: Today, PR is not just limited to getting media coverage. It can help you engage one-on-one with your audience on your social media assets and website. That is where public relations goes helps you connect with your public!
  5. Feeding media with milestones: Being a startup means, hitting several milestones in the future that could help you gain investors’ interest. PR helps in feeding frequent yet newsworthy information to the media regularly. This helps in building top-of-mind recall for your brand.


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