PR Secrets 101!


                                        PR Secrets 101!

Yes, you will learn some PR trade secrets today to apply to your business. If you are a startup looking for positive press to reach out to your audience or if you are a legacy business looking to attract the millennial audience, you have landed in the right spot.

Secret 1: Do not rely on media

Yes, you read that right. Here, media refers to news sites as well as social media. While news sites provide validation and visibility to a greater audience, it is important to communicate the 3Ps (product, purpose & passion) of your business properly to garner its potential to the fullest. Now imagine being approached by a big media publication for a telephonic interview. You get the call and you jump to explaining the what and why of your business, how you are different from your competition etc. The call ends, and now you are all excited and cannot wait to look at the news story the next day. The next day, your colleague sends you the story link over WhatsApp saying that the headline has your competitor’s name or a false claim associated with your brand. And there goes your excitement, Boom! So, you realize that you are a master of your trade but not of how to effectively communicate it to the media (read by your target audience).

Solution: You hire a Communications Agency who guides you through the Do’s and Don’ts of media interactions, prepare you well with all talk points, scans through the anticipated question and shares relevant information with the journalists beforehand, and makes sure that the messaging of the interview is not lost in fishing for a scandalous news angle. Voila! You end up being published in the best media portal/magazine/TV Show and are more confident of relying on yourself for future interactions. The same example is true to social media too. Hiring naïve interns to handle social media assets can do more harm than good. Social media is the entire gamut of social places such as Blogs, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Therefore, a 360-degree social media approach is necessary for reaching the right target audience with the right sort of message.

Secret 2: Tailor your messaging for each publication

As a startup, we often think that our USP must be mass covered over and over on good media portals. That’s how we will be able to sell well/reiterate why our product is better. However, this is not the case. Each media publication needs a special kind of message. It won’t always be about what you sell, it could be how you sell, about industry trends, the effect of policies, global trends, etc. Therefore, it is vital to take a strategic approach towards getting published in relevant media. Tailoring your story for each journalist will also help in building a long-lasting relationship with him/her. That’s why it is important to establish your target journalists well in advance and do the appropriate research to figure out how to find the right angle.

Secret 3: Human Relations > Public Relations

Humanising your brand is of utmost importance in today’s mechanical world. Now, you must be wondering what does it mean to ‘humanize my brand’? Imagine, walking into your favorite authentic Chinese restaurant and meeting the chef who is a Tamilian. You think, Wow! I didn’t know that such authentic Chinese is prepared by a Tamilian (PS: We are sure Tamilians are great cooks and can master any cuisine easily. This is an imaginative example, only to bring out the contrast). So, the human face behind your favorite meal intrigued you so much that you are now interested to interact with him about his training as a chef, etc. This is exactly what happens when you humanize your brand by bringing out a human connection which appeals to each of your audience. Remember, in the end, you are selling your product/services to a human who is interested to buy from a human and not from a website or an app.

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