PR Consultancy

Communication is the catalyst to change. At Bandwagon Communications, we believe in an industry-agnostic approach to delivering the best results.

Our forte is to blend business logic with emotional creativity to produce inspirational PR campaigns that build brands and drive sales.

We use the full range of PR services, including words, video, sound, and pictures, to create integrated PR campaigns that spread like wildfire on social platforms and print, broadcast, and online media.

We believe a powerful idea should be at the heart of every PR campaign, and, as you would expect, our innovation team is rightly famous for creating game-changing commercial strategies.

Over the years, Bandwagon Communications has demonstrated expertise in communicating on behalf of companies whose business is to innovate. Whether a disruptive startup or category-killer, these companies bring to the market products, services, or unparalleled experiences.


Startup PR

We provide both online and offline PR strategy—that could help a startup company get publicity on relevant media outlets, blogs, social media, podcasts, and industry publications.

Lifestyle PR

We provide more than just educating the consumers and making products and services visible to the right audiences. We help to create lasting connections between the consumers and the brands.

Design PR

We specialize in building growth and reputation for high-end luxury clients from across the creative industries.

Corporate PR

We provide innovative strategies to communicate effectively with stakeholders. We believe in customizing information as per the platform.


We develop innovative communications solutions for fast-moving consumer goods to make a real impact in an incredibly competitive and compelling sector.

Education PR

 We offer effective Education PR and integrated communications solution that brings a measurable return on investment.